Look into transitioning your project, part or all of your logistics and supply-chain-management/ analyst support to a team of experienced Logistics Leaders and professionals that will work with your requirements to meet your needs.



Full Scale Logistics Operations

Medical & Commercial

Demand Planning and Inventory Control


 Supply-Chain Management & Analysis

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Medical & Commercial

 Umderstanding Your Requirement

 Vendor Varification

 Full Servic: from order to delivery

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3rd Party Logistics Transportation (3PL)



 Freight full truck and Less than truck load (LTL)

 Parcel Ground and Expedited Parcel

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Project Management


 Logistics Operations


 Specific Events


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A Different Approach

At Global Logistics Group, LLC (US), we believe the spirit of your company is a vital part of its potential to serve your business needs. We put your success and your needs up front.



Unique Solutions

A battle tested and straight forward approach to identifying your needs and desires to fulfill the requirements as well as an open vision to anticipate and work with the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment.



Quality Over Quantity

We take the time to “run the numbers” provide you expectations and put in the time to make quality our priorty with getting your needs met on time.



Our Talented Leadership Team

Every great plan, business effort, production or significant action to get something done or to support a business “effort” requires Project Management with supplies, materials and movement. That basically means Logistics, Distribution (Transportation) and a Supply-Chain at work.

Our team of Program,  Project & Logistics Managers or Supply-Chain professionals combined have over 110 years of combined experience in planning the scope for getting what’s needed, and getting it to where it needs to be to support success.  We’ve done it in routine and well-established environments and we’ve done it in austere, undeveloped regions of the world, to include any operating environment in between.

We’ve established the materials and supplies for a new venture to kick off; We’ve maintained the materials and supplies in a pipeline with consistent sustainment for enduring success; and we’ve dissolved or closed down an operating area. We cover the full scope of all supplies from routine office supplies, repair parts management, bulk and packaged water, bulk and packaged petroleum or fuel, construction/ building road & runway materials; and the machinery or vehicles that facilitate making all those functions happen.  We have moved pallets to truck and train loads of equipment and vehiles across the US and over seas. We have experience getting it done. We put the brain power and experience in that kind of work so you don’t have to.  We provide you the insight to know “it’s getting done” and that the support is there.


  •         Tony Berry
  •         US Army (Ret)
  •         President & CEO
  •         404-475-2506 Ext-3
  •         TonyB@Global-LG.US

  •         James Gray
  •         Colonel (Ret)
  •         Director of Operations
  •         JamesG@Global-LG.US

  •         George Woods
  •         US Army (Ret)
  •         Project Manager
  •         GeorgeW@Global-LG.US

  •          DUNS # 049800028
  •          System for Award Management
  •          SAM CAGE Code: 75ZU7

  •         Bennie E. Williams
  •         Major General (Ret)
  •         Vice President of Operations
  •         BennieW@Global-LG.US

  •         J. David Matthews
  •         Vice President  Marketing & Sales
  •         DavidM@Global-LG.US

  •         Keith Williams
  •         Lieutenant Colonel (Ret)
  •         Project Manager
  •         KeithW@Global-LG.US